Serum Proteomics

Our Serum & Plasma proteomics service is the ideal platform for serum / plasma biomarker discovery and validation. It can resolve & quantitate thousands of serum proteins even WITHOUT immuno-depletion. Our improved serum protocol has successfully identified low abundant disease-specific serum/plasma protein markers for therapeutics and diagnostics..

Why does serum/plasma proteomics work best with 2D DIGE but not LC-MS/MS? Because 2D DIGE can generate much better serum proteomics data at a lower cost:

  • Fast screening: 2D DIGE can physically separate low abundant proteins from abundant proteins by both Mw and pI, allowing a quick screening of all serum proteins to remove 99.9% (or thousands) of un-changed proteins and focusing on only those changed proteins due to disease or treatment.
  • Enhanced sensitivity: The high resolution and fluorescent Dye labeling of 2D DIGE significantly increased the detection of low-abundant serum & plasma proteins.
  • Fast turnaround: Only takes 5-7 days.
  • Low cost: Simultaneously compare 3 samples in 1 test.

Pros and Cons of Immunodepletion: Immunodepletion has been used to enhance the detection of low abundance plasma proteins. However, research has discovered that even with immunodepletion, low abundance proteins still remain undetectable using LC-MS/MS platform. Furthermore, immunodepletion (i) removes proteins associated with the abundant proteins, (ii) causes protein degradations, and (iii) introduces variations, thus compromising data quality.

Our serum/plasma proteomics services:

For gel layout, please view the study designs based on the total number of samples.

A. Improved Serum 2D DIGE Without Immuno-depletion

Example 1: Human Serum Sample

The left, middle and right image shows the human serum proteome using standard protocol, Applied Biomics (ABO) improved protocol with pH3-10, and pH4-7, respectively. The ABO protocol clearly reveals much more low abundant serum proteins than the standard protocol.

Standard 2D Protocol (pH 3-10)

Serum proteomics with standard protocol

ABO pH 3-10 Protocol

Improved serum proteomics with Applied Biomics' protocol (pH3-10)

ABO pH 4-7 Protocol

Improved serum proteomics with Applied Biomics' protocol (pH4-7)

Example 2: Preclinical Trial Mouse Serum Sample

Four pairs of mouse serum samples were collected before (Control) and after 4 different treatments (Treated). 2D DIGE was performed using Applied Biomics’ improved serum protocol. The 4 Control (red) /Treated (green) overlay images showed the differences between Control and Treated samples. The circled spots represent very low abundant proteins which are up-regulated due to drug treatment. The 3-D view of the same spot is displayed in the right panel. The data shows that ABO protocol significantly improves the detection of low abundant proteins in the serum samples.

2D DIGE mouse serum proteome images: improved resolution of low abundant serum proteins

B. Improved Serum 2D DIGE Combined With Immuno-depletion Of Abundant Proteins

The Challenge of Biomarker Discovery from Plasma/Serum

Transferrin: 76 kDa
Fibrinogen: 65 kDa (a), 51 kDa (g)
a1-antitrypsin: 56 kDa
IgG: 150 kDa
HSA: 67 kDa
IgA: 180 kDa
IgM: 750 kDa
Transferrin: 79 kDa
a2-Macroglobulin: 160 kDa
Haptoglobin: 43 kDa
alpha 1-acid glycoprotein: 23 kDa
APO A-I, APO A-II: 23 kDa

Protein dynamic range: 10 magnitude of difference in abundance

The Challenge of Biomarker Discovery from Plasma/Serum: serum abundant proteins

We offer the following serum abundant protein immuno-depletion services:

  1. Human Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion
  2. Human Serum: IgY-12 depletion (12 most abundant human plasma proteins: Human Serum Albumin, IgG, Fibrinogen, Transferrin, IgA, IgM, Haptoglobin, a2-Macroglobulin, a1-Acid Glycoprotein, a1-Antitrypsin and HDL (Apo A-I & Apo A-II).
  3. Mouse Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion
  4. Rat Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion
  5. Monkey Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion

Example: Human plasma with and without IgY-12 Immuno-depletion (pH4-7)

Plasma Without Immuno-Depletion

Human plasma proteome image without Immuno-depletion

Plasma With Immuno-Depletion

Human plasma proteome with Immuno-depletion

Sample Info

Please follow these general principles regarding biohazardous materials.

Sample amount: 10 μl serum/plasma from each sample. If you order serum protein depletion, 30 μl of serum/plasma from each sample is needed. This will be sufficient to cover the entire procedure including analytical gel, preparative gel, spot picking and protein ID.


Serum 2D-DIGE pricing:

Please view here for Serum 2D-DIGE pricing.

Serum Depletion pricing:

Services DescriptionAcademic/Governmental LabsIndustrial/Commercial Labs
Human Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion (20 – 50 ul)436A-H2call for price436N-H2call for price
Human Serum: IgY-12 depletion (20 – 50 ul) 1436A-H12call for price436N-H12call for price
Mouse Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion (20 – 50 ul)436A-M2call for price436N-M2call for price
Rat Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion (20 – 50 ul)436A-R2call for price436N-R2call for price
Monkey Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion (20 – 50 ul)436A-Mon2call for price436N-Mon2call for price